Title Name Research Interests Courses Offerred
Center Director Yang, Connie Guang-Hwa International Economic/Trade Law, International Financial Law Seminar on International Financial Law(I) (II), Independent Research, Advanced Seminar on WTO Law: Trade in Services, Understanding the International Economic Law(undergraduate)
Researcher Shih, Wen-Chen International Economic/Trade Law, International Environmental Law International Economic Law(I) , Independent Research, Legal Analysis on Carbon Markets and Emissions Trading, International Economic and Trade Law(undergraduate), Seminar on International Economic and Trade Law(undergraduate)
Researcher Yang, Pei-Kan International Economic/Trade Law, International Health Law, Arbitration International Economic and Trade Law(undergraduate, graduate),Independent Research, Legal Methods, Settlement of International Trade and Commercial Disputes
Researcher Hsueh Ching-Wen International Trade Law, European Economic Law, International Commercial Arbitration Law International Economic and Trade Law, Independent Research, Legal Risk and Practices on International Business, International Investment Law, International Sales Law(undergraduate)
Advisory Board Member Lo Chang-Fa International Economic/Trade Law, Government Procurement Law, Arbitration, International Health Law
Advisory Board Member Chang Shin-Pyng International Trade Law, Maritime Law
Advisory Board Member Peng Shin-Yi International Economic/Trade Law, Telecommunications Law & Policy
Advisory Board Member Horng Der-Chin International Economic/Trade Law, European Law
Advisory Board Member Tsai, Meng-Jia International Trade Law, Management of International Trade
Advisory Board Member Lin Tsai-Yu International Economic/Trade Law, International Health Law