1. Required Courses
International Economic &Trade Law Yang, Pei-Kan,
Hsueh Ching-Wen
Independent Research Yang, Connie Guang-Hwa,
Shih, Wen-Chen,
Yang, Pei-Kan,
Hsueh Ching-Wen
Legal Method Yang, Pei-Kan
  1. Optional Courses
Seminar on International Financial Law(I)(II) Yang, Connie Guang-Hwa
Advanced Seminar on WTO Law: Trade in Services Yang, Connie Guang-Hwa
International Economic Law (I) Shih, Wen-Chen
Legal Analysis on Carbon Markets and Emissions Trading Shih, Wen-Chen
WTO seminars on Agriculture and Environment Horng, Der-Chin
European Union Economic Law Horng, Der-Chin
Settlement of International Trade and Commercial Disputes Yang, Pei-kan
International Investment Law Hsueh Ching-Wen
Legal Risk and Practices on International Business Hsueh Ching-Wen